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Releasing Expectations with Joanna Lambert

  • Salt and Water 629 W Sheridan Ave. Suite 101 Oklahoma City, OK 73102 USA (map)

Releasing Expectations
with Joanna Lambert
April 25th
7:00 - 8:00pm

Join Joanna Lambert, M.Ed., LPC, as she teaches us how to cultivate an intentional practice for examining expectations and releasing the ones that don’t serve you.

There are literally millions of examples at our fingertips for how to do this thing called life. The comparison craze fueled by social media has created in so many, a mindless habit of looking outside of ourselves to inform how we should be conducting our lives. This can manifest as a chronic hypervigilance, registering neurochemically on the mind-body as anxiety, draining precious energy you could be using to live your best life.

Joanna Lambert, M.Ed., LPC is a licensed psychotherapist and creator of Wildish Collective, where she leads women on a journey into the inner world to shape their real-world lives with authenticity and intentionality. She has a passion for helping women to own their whole story - their light and their dark - and to connect, cultivate and create magic with their wild, unapologetic selves.


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